dwindledscapes_practices of affection

dwindledscapes_practices of affection
Decreasing surfaces, landscapes that change, layers surrender to multiple interventions. What does a body feel while standing on a failing ground? What is its past and future?
Coexisting with landscapes that have been affected by climate change. Listening to their sound, sensing their matter, trying to trace their stories.

Mirto Delimichali
Swiss Alps / Greece, Athens
Team members
Tasiana Kechrakou
Danae Lytra
Georgios Samantas
Field of work
Ecology, Research, Other
Project category
Project submitted

Mirto Delimichali is a choreographer, researcher and curator based in Athens. n 2022 she started her collaboration with the light designer Danae Lytra and since then they are working together in projects connected to the body perspectives of the landscape. For this project they will collaborate with the architect and landscape researcher Tasiana Kechrakou and the sound artist and researcher Giorgos Samantas.

Affective co-existence and interconnection between body and space is the main focus of this project. Creating the embodied body memory of this space while referring kinetically to the landscape as a place of commemoration, concerns, feelings, thoughts and body sensations can be experienced in the specific location and will create the main core of observations and body narratives that will later be transmitted to the public. Somatic listening and practices of situating our bodies within a landscape will lead to kinetic narratives as a form to transfer the current condition and inform the receivers about the sense of this land that is changing. Dance for this landscape and trace the dance from it. Finding the impulse between the land and the feet Finding the dance between the body as a landscape and the sensorial dimension of a landscape Tracing its thread to our bodies

Μ a t t e r a s a n a r c h I v e o f m e m o r y_Land, grass, ground, glacier, rock_Matter as a place of experience and therefore as an archive of memory_According to textual references, land has its memory and experience. Can we listen to their stories with our bodies? Can we feel their past? Can we share a memory? Part of the project´s embodied research will be to find body practices of listening the sound * of those land memories and sensing their matter to trace theirs stories and to coexist in a c o m m o n s e n s e o f t I m e in between the humanized and the geological time. * Part of the process will be to capture the sound with high quality recording systems with which soundscape can be fully detailed and therefore provide a trustworthy informative source.