Jade Apack

Building transparency
↑ Jade Apack. Photo: Urban Cerjak.

Paris, France
Jade Apack
Team members
Jade Apack
Perrine Cariou
Lost&Find Collective
Valentine Letellier
Estelle Roussel
Lauriane Touvron
Léa Uguen

Jade Apack is a french architect and independent researcher. She has cultivated a polymorphous practice, seamlessly transitioning between constructive, reflective, and artistic processes that mutually enrich each other. Her works revolves around the notion of “building transparency”, an allegory of food transparency applied to the construction sector. More broadly, she is interested in the notion of “transparency” in the way we act and build societies.

After graduated from ENSA Nantes in 2019, Jade co-founded Lost&Find, an association uniting six young practitioners in the field of architecture. Through this platform, they actively involve citizens in territorial planning processes. In this direction, they regularly coordinate consultation missions between Switzerland and Bretagne, establishing recommendations for territorial development, articulating political, cultural and citizen wills. Their work has been showcased at various events such as the “Architecture Manifeste” exhibition at ENSA Rennes in 2022, or at the “Explore” urban planning festival at the Pavillon Sicli in Geneva in 2021.
Parallel to her collective endeavors, Jade's curiosity drives her to explore various practices that enrich her understanding of the living environment. She actively collaborates with students at EASA, an assembly spanning across Europe that offers alternative learning experiences through architecture and art workshops. Moreover, Jade remains closely connected to the construction world, working as an architect and construction site manager for numerous projects, primarily focusing on renovations. Additionally, she dedicates time to enhance her skills and knowledge in areas close to her heart, participating in research and experimentation, often through collective artistic projects or residencies. For instance, Jade will be part of the program “Experiment in Political Arts” in the upcoming year, taught at SciencePo Paris, an initiative introduced by Bruno Latour.

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Jade Apack
Building transparency
What if we were to apply all the mechanisms of food transparency to our built surroundings ?
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13 — 27 Feb 2024
New Strategies and Building Methods in Times of Climate Change Part II

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Organised by: HDA – House of Architecture

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