Materials & Processes

The Institute of Architectural Design at TU Vienna is organizing a 3-5 day summer school in spring 2025 to reflect on the outcomes of 1:1 workshops conducted within the framework of LINA in the first two years, which focused on experimental material research and development in both rural and urban settings. 

The aim of the summer school is to identify and promote radical alternatives to the current range of building materials that are being produced, transported, and used in construction processes worldwide. By closely examining local resources, industrial and agricultural by-products and waste streams, the goal is to establish sustainable and circular processes that reconnect existing materials and knowledge. As architects, designers and artists, we will ask ourselves: What is our role in these processes? What tools and collaborative methods do we need? How can we collectively contribute to a cultural shift?

The event will not only include participation from previous LINA fellows who were involved in the workshops but will also extend invitations to a diverse group, encompassing local and international experts, other LINA members, young professionals and students. The objective is to engage participants in reflections on the workshop outcomes through a series of activities such as lectures, workshops, discussions and excursions in and around Vienna.

New LINA fellows are invited to participate in developing the summer school's concept and contribute their perspectives on the topic, working alongside TU Vienna teaching staff and local as well as international experts.

Collaboration profiles

We are looking for fellows who have a background in material research and/or experimentation, and who are interested in reflecting, writing and curating an event with us.