What if? Border condition in the era of new a Iron Curtain

What if? Border condition in the era of new a Iron Curtain
3 Jan — 31 May 2023

Organised by: Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum Tallinn

Narva, in the eastern part of Estonia, is a border city between the European Union and Russia and its urban history is intertwined with destruction, rebuilding, migration, and cultural and spatial clashes. Its historical core, the magnificent 17th century Baroque centre, was destroyed by Soviet air raids in World War II, leaving the city without a physical memory of its past. The new regime filled the void with relocated residents and standardized housing blocks; the borders between old and new histories and personal memories emerged more vigorously than in any other place in Estonia. The wars are not over, new barriers and iron curtains are currently being erected in Europe and dealing with uncertainty is among the things that one can learn about border conditions in Narva – the city that has built its identity on collisions. We invite architects and artists from other creative fields to use Narva as a frame or place for intervention to reflect on topics such as creating new communal spaces, security and urban space, violence and heritage. What if safety is not so self-evident anymore? The format – exhibition, workshop, publication, video, etc. – will be developed in cooperation with the selected creative.